If you’re around smokers, this is a must!

You’re not a smoker, but you end up smelling like one, and you don’t like it!

Whether you’re married to a smoker, dating a smoker, work with smokers or just happen to be in a group of smokers  the desire is the same… you prefer not to smell like smoke (especially because you don’t even smoke!)

It’s a common complaint and one we have a full proof solution for. Smoke Blaster is a spray that neutralizes and eliminates smoke odor, instantly and completely. Spray it on before you’re around smokers to prevent smoke from being absorbed into your clothing or spray it on after to remove the smell.

The best part? It works… really well! Check out this five star review on Amazon from a non-smoker who felt uncomfortable smelling like smoke and finally found a solution.



How you can prevent the smell of smoke from absorbing into your clothes and hair

It you’re a smoker or just smoker adjacent the result is the same. Smoke smell absorbs into your clothes and hair. The problem? your friends, family and co-workers most likely don’t appreciate the cigarette smell and unfortunately some “friends” go to great lengths to let you know how much they dislike your smoking.

Today’s hostile attitude toward smoking has many smokers trying to cover up the smell before walking back into their place of employment or other crowded room. From dousing on perfume to layering on fresh clothing, smokers are resourceful at disguising their habit.

While there’s a myriad of tricks you can try, the best one is eliminating the smoke smell all together.  Yes, it is possible and no, it doesn’t cost very much.

Just spray Smoke Blaster onto hands, hair, beards & clothing to instantly blasts away cigarette smoke. And it’s not just covering up one smell with another. it’s actually removing the odor completely! Learn more about the science of Smoke Blaster.

Smoke Blaster is over 94% naturally-derived and the only smoke odor remover clinically proven safe for skin and hair.

The best part? Is that you can spray Smoke Blaster on your clothing BEFORE you smoke to guard against smoke being absorbed into your hair and clothing.

And it’s a lot less expensive than using perfume to cover up the odor. Check it out!

What's the real cost of covering up cigarette smoke?



Puffing & Bluffing

Fifty years ago, some 42 percent of U.S. adults smoked – in office buildings, restaurants, airplanes and even in hospitals. In 2015, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the rate of smoking among adults in the U.S. fell to 15 percent.

While stats aren’t readily available on the topic, it’s safe to say that many of those 15 out of 100 people who still light up are in fact closet smokers, including everyone from actors to politicians and from college students to grandparents.

And given that our world has become increasingly smoke-free most of these closet smokers face three difficult challenges ever time they’re ready to take a few puffs:

  • Explaining their sudden need for “Private Time”
  • Finding a place to light up without activating the sprinklers (or the dirty looks)
  • And perhaps most challenging; covering up the smell of smoke once they’ve returned

Private Time When it comes to sneaking off for a few minutes, typical ploys include running fake errands, making pretend calls and – irony of ironies – needing some fresh air.

Finding a place to smoke As for finding a place to actually smoke n setting is too extreme. After all, how else can you explain why someone who’s normally a neat freak si willing to huddle near a dumpster or someone who’s terrified of heights is willing to hang out on a rooftop just to light up a cigarette or two. And that’s not to mention the countless bathrooms, cars, garages and alleyways that are used as smoking destinations each and every day. If only smoking in an actual closet was aviable option

Is Your Big Secret About To Go Up In Smoke?

The real challenge for closet smokers, however, comes when it’s time to hide the tell-tale odor of smoke after a cigarette break.

Consider these common strategies right out of the Closet Smoker’s Playbook:

1 Brushing your teeth and washing your hands maniacally

2 Rinsing with mouthwash for the better part of an hour…you have a spare hour right?

3 Carrying garlic cloves in your purse and popping them like tic-tacs. (Side benefit; no need to worry if your date turns out to be Dracula)

4 Covering yourself from head to toe in perfume or cologne.

5 Hanging a bouquet of pine-tree shaped car fresheners around your neck, who doesn’t love the scent of pine?

6 The non-stop chewing of gum

7 Rubbing liquid soap from the restroom onto your clothes, it’s plentiful, its free and it only takes an hour or so to dry.

Unfortunately, according to Trevor Marsden on the Patch.com website, (shockingly) none of these strategies work well (who knew humans were the next best thing to bloodhounds when it comes to smelling smoke?).

Some of these solutions may prove as annoying to non-smokers as the odors themselves. “Be careful when using too many strongly scented products to cover up the scent of your cigarettes,” Marsden writes. “If you overdo it on sprays and perfumes, you could end up having an overpowering scent that people will find equally offensive. You might even cause problems and allergic reactions for people with perfume sensitivities.”

What, then, are well-meaning smokers to do short of switching to vaping (not always welcome among non-smokers either) or, heaven forbid, quitting altogether?

Uncommon Scents: Introducing The Perfect Match For Closet Smokers

Happily for closet and open smokers alike, there’s a brand new solution that’s as convenient as it is effective. Sold by green cleaning innovator MaddieBrit Products, Smoke Blaster is the only personal care product specifically formulated to instantly remove cigarette smoke from hands, hair (including hipster beards) and clothing. It the safest and most natural alternative to chemical air fresheners (such as Febreeze) on the market today.

Featuring a unique blend of great smelling, all-natural ingredients, Smoke Blaster replaces cigarette smoke odor with a light, pleasant, gender-neutral fragrance that blends seamlessly into any home, work or public environment. Formulated with over 94% naturally-derived ingredients, never tested on animals, and proudly made in the U.S.A, Smoke Blaster is available in convenient, travel-size two-packs containing two 1.5 ounce bottles with a full 250 sprays in each.

“I’m not proud of my smoking habit, but I don’t deserve to be banished from society because of it either,” says 33 year-old Kyle of Thousand Oaks, California. “Smoke Blaster lets me do what I’ve been unable to do for years – have a cigarette or two, then re-join my family, friends or co-workers without having to worry about being caught, criticized or ostracized. If anything can help bring smokers and non-smokers together once and for all, this product is it!”

Visit www.smokeblaster.com for more information.

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