Cigarette smoke odor neutralizer

-Use on Hands, Hair, Beards & Clothing-

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smoke blaster 2 Bottle Set

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smoke blaster 2 Bottle Set

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$24.00 - an incredible value!

2 bottles (2.0 oz each) - 650 + sprays

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Smoke Blaster's Here to Save the Day!


  • Hands
  • Hair &
  • Clothing
The scent of smoke is removed leaving behind a light, pleasant fragrance-awesome!
be confident

Perception can be everything when meeting with patients and co-workers within the medical field. Smoke Blaster is the perfect solution to ensure you, patients, and other staff members focus on what's important in the moment.

Hospitality is all about accommodating the customer and being a seamless part of the background. Smoke Blaster allows you blend in with the ambiance of the scene, and with the aromas of the venue.

Your closest encounters occur among family. No need to shirk away until lingering smoke finally dissipates. Embrace the moment, and feel good about snuggling up with your loved ones when Smoke Blaster is just a spray away!

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Smoke Blaster Saves the Day… AGAIN!
This time as a SMOKE GUARD to prevent cigarette smoke from being absorbed into clothing and to keep clothes from smelling like smoke — perfect for smokers & non-smokers alike!
avoid overwhelming, perfumey
masking and save your
hard-earned dough


< 325


7 sprays/cigarette to neutralize
cigarette smoke smell

$75 *

< 325


4 sprays/cigarette to MASK
cigarette smoke smell

$ 0.25

$ 0.92

$ 1.25

$ 4.60

$ 456

$ 1,679



  • YesYou've SAVED $1,223.00
  • YesYou've effectively neutralized lingering smoke smell
  • YesCoworkers, friends & family freely mingle with you
Saving Year Later


  • NOYou've OVERPAID $1,223.00
  • NOYou wear a scent of perfume + stale cigarette smoke
  • NOCoworkers, friends & family keep a comfortable distance
Paid Year Later

*average cost of perfume/cologne according to

**based on a discreet habit of 5 cigarettes per day

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Smoke Blaster is NOT a masking agent or a cigarette smoke deodorizer.
The only way to rid hands, hair and clothing of cigarette smoke smell is to neutralize it!

  • incredible value!

    2 bottles (2.0 oz each)-over 650 sprays

  • naturally neutralizes cigarette smoke -no masking here!

  • super gentle on skin and hair

  • never tested on animals

  • convenient, inconspicuous travel size

  • gender-neutral scent made from natural ingredients

  • proudly made in the USA

  • Please dispose of cigarette butts

  • not intended for under age 18

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How to use

just a few spritzes!
easy to use

Your hands—especially your smoking hand—are highly susceptible to the effects of cigarette smoke. Don’t fret! Smoke Blaster’s here to save the day, and is the safe remedy to neutralize cigarette smell on fingers!

Apply 3-4 sprays directly onto hands—rub together to dry

Hair is King at trapping cigarette smoke smell and once it attaches, it’s mighty difficult to get it out! Smoke Blaster, with its fine-misting spray, works wonders to penetrate all those layers, neutralize odors and keep your hair from smelling like smoke!

Apply 2-3 sprays & distribute through hair

Facial hair is ground zero for cigarette smoke exposure! But with just a few spritz of Smoke Blaster, you’ll be back to your handsome-smelling self!

Apply 2-3 sprays & distribute through beard

Clothing fibers ensnare and trap cigarette smoke—so long, that the odors can become stale. There’s no way to hide cigarette smell on clothes. You must neutralize it! Smoke Blaster is the perfect solution to ensure odor is neutralized BEFORE it becomes a permanent part of your wardrobe!

apply as many sprays as necessary on effected areas
simply spray to remove smoke smell-and be on your way!
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There’s no best way to cover up cigarette smoke—masking simply doesn’t work! The only way to rid yourself of that unwanted smell is to use a cigarette odor remover and neutralize it. Yet unlike Zap® or Ozium® Spray, Smoke Blaster is clinically proven safe for skin & hair!

The Science

the endSceince is cool![And you smell fantastic]
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over 94% naturally-derived

We have enough nefarious chemicals around us, and we don’t believe in adding to them. Smoke Blaster utilizes natural enzymes to neutralize & remove cigarette smoke smell!

  • deionized water
  • corn ethanol
  • castor oil
  • odor neutralizer
  • odor control fragrance
  • phenylpropanol
  • propanediol
  • caprylyl glycol
  • tocopherol
  • do not spray in mouth or eyes
  • do not use on silk or leather
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1. How long does it take to work?
Smoke Blaster works to neutralize cigarette smoke from your hands, hair and clothing.
2How much product do I need to use?
Hands: 3-4 sprays directly into your hands and rub together until dry
Hair: 2-3 sprays 10-12 inches away from your head
Beards: 2-3 sprays 10-12 inches away from your head
Clothing: Go ahead and spray until your fabulous self is smoke free!
3How long does a bottle last?
On average, each Smoke Blaster bottle has 250+ sprays. Depending on your frequency of smoking, this can last for quite a while!
4Will the smoke smell return?
Smoke Blaster works by neutralizing odors instead of covering them up with perfumes and masking agents. If you have previously used Smoke Blaster and smoke another cigarette again, the cigarette smell will return, so you will need apply after each time you smoke.
5Does it contain alcohol?
Yes, Smoke Blaster does contain corn ethanol. This ingredient helps dry the product faster when applied to skin.

6What does the fragrance smell like?
Smoke Blaster has a light fresh fragrance that is gender neutral.
7Does it work on beards?
Yes! Smoke Blaster can neutralize smoke from the burliest of beards ;)
8Does it work on hair?
Most definitely! Smoke Blaster is a personal care product that is non-toxic and safe to use on your hair and skin.
9Does it work on clothes?
Yes, it works on clothes! Spray a couple generous sprays of Smoke Blaster from head to toe and you’ll be smoke free in no time. 

10Will it stain my clothes?
Do not use on silk or leather but otherwise, no, it will not stain your clothing. If you have a type of fabric you are not sure about, apply to a small hidden area first from a distance.

11Is it safe on my skin?
Smoke Blaster is non-toxic and completely safe to use on your skin. So go ahead and spray away.

12Is it vegan?
Yes, and we never test on animals!

13Can I use it to prevent smoke from absorbing into my clothes in the first place?
Yes, before entering a smoky situation, make sure to spritz yourself with a couple extra generous sprays. This will help block the smoke from absorbing into your clothes.

14Does it work on pot/weed/marijuana odor?
Yes, we’ve done some extensive research on this ;)

15Is it effective on cigar smoke?
Yes, It is effective on cigar smoke.

16Is it effective on Pipe smoke?
Of course it is! Get on your finest Popeye the Sailorman costume and spray away those odors.