Smoke BlasterneutralizesCIGARETTE SMOKEFROM

  • Hands
  • Hair &
  • Clothing
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be confident

Perception can be everything when meeting with patients and co-workers within the medical field. Smoke Blaster is the perfect solution to ensure you, patients, and other staff members focus on what's important in the moment.

Hospitality is all about accommodating the customer and being a seamless part of the background. Smoke Blaster allows you blend in with the ambiance of the scene, and with the aromas of the venue.

Your closest encounters occur among family. No need to shirk away until lingering smoke finally dissipates. Embrace the moment, and feel good about snuggling up with your loved ones when Smoke Blaster is just a spray away!

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easy to use

Your hands—especially your smoking hand—are highly susceptible to the effects of cigarette smoke. Don’t fret! Smoke Blaster’s here to save the day, and is the safe remedy to neutralize cigarette smell on fingers!

Apply 3-4 sprays directly onto hands—rub together to dry

Hair is King at trapping cigarette smoke smell and once it attaches, it’s mighty difficult to get it out! Smoke Blaster, with its fine-misting spray, works wonders to penetrate all those layers, neutralize odors and keep your hair from smelling like smoke!

Apply 2-3 sprays & distribute through hair

Facial hair is ground zero for cigarette smoke exposure! But with just a few spritz of Smoke Blaster, you’ll be back to your handsome-smelling self!

Apply 2-3 sprays & distribute through beard

Clothing fibers ensnare and trap cigarette smoke—so long, that the odors can become stale. There’s no way to hide cigarette smell on clothes. You must neutralize it! Smoke Blaster is the perfect solution to ensure odor is neutralized BEFORE it becomes a permanent part of your wardrobe!

apply as many sprays as necessary on effected areas
simply spray to remove smoke smell-and be on your way!
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There’s no best way to cover up cigarette smoke—masking simply doesn’t work! The only way to rid yourself of that unwanted smell is to use a cigarette odor remover and neutralize it. Yet unlike Zap® or Ozium® Spray, Smoke Blaster is clinically proven safe for skin & hair!

Smoke Blaster Saves the Day… AGAIN!
This time as a SMOKE GUARD to prevent cigarette smoke from being absorbed into clothing and to keep clothes from smelling like smoke — perfect for smokers & non-smokers alike!
the endSceince is cool![And you smell fantastic]

Smoke Blaster's Got your back!

  • incredible value!

    2 bottles (2.0 oz each)-over 650 sprays

  • convenient, inconspicuous travel size

  • naturally neutralizes cigarette smoke -no masking here!

  • super gentle on skin and hair

  • gender-neutral scent made from natural ingredients

  • proudly made in the USA

  • never tested on animals

finally! a smoke odor removal remedy that's effective, safe for personal use & economical!
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on-the-go perfect

convenient & effective cigarette smoke smell removal is finally here!

small & sleek!

We've packaged Smoke Blaster in a small, sleek and inconspicuous bottle that's perfect for stashing in a handbag, backpack, briefcase or glove compartment!

avoid overwhelming, perfumey
masking and save your
hard-earned dough


< 325


7 sprays/cigarette to neutralize
cigarette smoke smell

$75 *

< 325


4 sprays/cigarette to MASK
cigarette smoke smell

$ 0.25

$ 0.92

$ 1.25

$ 4.60

$ 456

$ 1,679



  • YesYou've SAVED $1,223.00
  • YesYou've effectively neutralized lingering smoke smell
  • YesCoworkers, friends & family freely mingle with you
Saving Year Later


  • NOYou've OVERPAID $1,223.00
  • NOYou wear a scent of perfume + stale cigarette smoke
  • NOCoworkers, friends & family keep a comfortable distance
Paid Year Later

*average cost of perfume/cologne according to

**based on a discreet habit of 5 cigarettes per day

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Smoke Blaster is NOT a masking agent or a cigarette smoke deodorizer.
The only way to rid hands, hair and clothing of cigarette smoke smell is to neutralize it!